As I mentioned in previous episodes, and in my bio, I came in to radio (and broadcast in general) as a true outsider. I was a listener, but really never gave a lot of thought about how that radio signal made it to my car. Frankly, that’s how it should be for the listener. The goal is a completely transparent experience from the jock to the listener’s ears. I could have never imagined how much it takes to get that song, or those words, that newscast to my radio. It’s truly astonishing!

As you already know, my area of focus is IP. I don’t get too deeply involved in the RF side of broadcast. Frankly, it scares the pants off of me. But I’m always happy to lend a hand (from a distance) when one of the RF guys needs it. It’s astonishing what it takes to create AM/FM signals. I know it’s true for me, and I assume it’s true to others, but no matter how much I learn about the inside of a transmitter and what every little piece does, in the end it still seems like there is some sort of magic that happens. Might just be my lack of understanding, but either way, it’s pretty magical!

However, transmission is just the last step. What about everything that happens before that? On this weeks episode of “The Radio Tech Guys” we are going to dive head first into Audio over IP or AoIP. It’s a huge topic, but we hope to share some victories, failures, funny stories, ideas, cautions, and some other stuff all related to the magic of audio routing. Hope you’ll join in the conversation!

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