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I’ve been part of the radio industry since accepting a position as morning news anchor for West Virginia Radio Corporation’s Clarksburg division. Since that time I have served as a Program Director in both Clarksburg and Charleston, WV, Director of IT, and finally settled into my current role as Corporate Director of Technology where I manage projects encompassing both IT and engineering.

I’ve been a member of the NAB Radio Technology Committee since 2014. When I’m not doing radio things, I love film photography, creating short films, bowling and my wife and two kids.

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Come and listen to a story ’bout a man named Alex. But seriously folks….
I’ve been in the IT/Technology field for a little over 10 years now, getting my start on a small scale, helping a few churches with A/V and network needs, then eventually working at a hospital as a Hardware Technician. I made the move to radio in January of 2010 working as an IT tech, and eventually making my way up to Corporate Director of IT. In the Radio industry, that is a very broad title! I’m blessed to work with a huge variety of hardware, software, broadcast gear, audio equipment, and so much more.

Outside of radio I have 2 great passions. First being my 2 kids. Science tells us that the world revolves around the sun. That’s incorrect. It just so happens to revolve around my kiddos. Secondly, I serve as the worship director of a church and get to play with a fantastic band. Basically if it involves technology or audio, I’m all over it!

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